Post Release of MIMS Automobility Moscow conference

Press-conference took place on 21.04.2023
  • MIMS Automobility Moscow 2022 will be held from 21 to 24 August 2022

  • For partners and the business community, the international automobile salon MIMS Automobility Show was presented as part of the MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition

  • MIMS Automobility Awards will expand with a special award from the Automarketer

  • The Future Mobility innovation section will be strengthened by showcasing cutting-edge solutions for the automotive industry

  • Organizers and partners announced topics of the MIMS Automobility Moscow business program

On April 21, the Standard Hotel on Strastnoy Boulevard hosted a press conference dedicated to the largest exhibition of spare parts, auto components, equipment and goods for car maintenance in Russia.

During the press conference, the organizers, together with partners, made a number of important statements not only about the record exceeding of all key indicators of the exhibition, but also about joint projects affecting the entire professional community of the automotive industry.

MIMS Automobility Moscow 2023

During her welcoming speech, Anna Manvelova, General Director of ITEMF Expo, noted a significant increase in the performance of the MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition.

“This year the exhibition is being formed more intensively than ever. At the moment, we have not only reached our pre-pandemic indicators, but also surpassed them,” Anna Manvelova noted.

As of April 21, 2023, there are already more than 1,000 companies among the exhibitors. To accommodate the stands of companies wishing to take part, the organizers expanded the exposition, which will occupy almost all available pavilions of the IEC «Expocentre».

Separately, Anna Manvelova singled out a significant increase in the number of countries that will take part in the exhibition. In April 2023, their number increased to 21, exceeding the figure for 2022 by 7 countries. In 2023, national pavilions will be represented by specialized associations, which include companies from Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Taiwan, Turkey, and South Korea. National exposure from China increased 6 times compared to last year. Most manufacturers and distributors of automotive aftermarket products are from "friendly countries", however, there are also European companies on the list of participants.

Visitor registration growth rates exceed 2022 by 53%. In 2022, the exhibition was visited by 23,787 specialists from the automotive industry. Given the trend, a multiple excess of this indicator is expected.

At the end of her welcoming speech, Anna Manvelova explained the intensive growth of the exhibition indicators by a combination of organizers' efforts and market conditions, passing the floor to Sergey Udalov, the permanent partner of the exhibition, Executive Director of the Avtostat analytical agency, who introduced the analyst of the Russian automotive market.

Importance of MIMS Automobility Moscow for the automotive market

As part of the presentation, Sergey Udalov described the state of the car park in Russia. According to Autostat, the total vehicle fleet includes 45.39 million cars, 4.22 million light commercial vehicles, 3.72 million heavy commercial vehicles, 3.53 million trailers. MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibitors will present auto parts, accessories and products for all the above categories of automotive vehicles, as well as for ATVs, motorcycles, buses and special vehicles.

Over the past year, the fleet has decreased by 7%, and new cars account for only 10% of the total fleet, which underlines the infrastructural importance of MIMS Automobility Moscow for the car aftersales service industry.

Business program at the exhibition

The topic of the next statement of the participants of the press conference was the events of the business program.

The open AGORA conference platform will be dedicated to spare parts, logistics, counterfeit and product certification and, of course, parallel imports. Since 2020, an integral part of AGORA has been the topic of service in dealerships, network and independent service stations. This section of the business program will be expanded by discussing the specifics of servicing trucks and special equipment.

For the first time, experts will reveal the topic of detailing, which will undoubtedly arouse interest among visitors to the exhibition.

Also, the subject of discussion will be legislative initiatives related to insurance and car maintenance, as well as the use of remanufactured spare parts and the warranty period. Significant changes have taken place over the year, the analysis of which will be presented by invited speakers and specialized associations at the exhibition site.

Within the framework of special sessions of the AGORA conference platform, the Public Council for the Development of Taxi and the Union of Car Services of Russia will discuss the specifics of after-sales maintenance of corporate fleets, and in particular taxi fleets. Also, Alexander Pakhomov, Chairman of the Board of the Union of Car Services of Russia, announced the expansion of the geography of professional events in the car market and invited him to take part in 2 large-scale conferences that will be held after MIMS Automobility Moscow.

“Already in early October, the Radisson Blu Hotel in Sochi will host the seventh largest conference in Russia for taxi fleet managers TAXI 2023. And a week later, in the same place, in Sochi, the All-Russian conference "Modern Car Service 2023 - Market Challenges and Development Prospects" will be held . The above-mentioned Public Council for Taxi Development and the Union of Auto Services of Russia will also be the organizers of these events. ITEMF will take an active part in both events, including as a co-organizer of the conference on car services,” added Alexander Pakhomov.

Partners of MIMS Automobility Moscow, the National Automobile Union represented by the vice-president of the union, Jan Haytseera, expressed support for the organizers of MIMS Automobility Moscow. Jan Haytseer recalled the importance of building communication between business and representatives of state regulatory bodies in the automotive industry. Together with MIMS Automobility Moscow, representatives of the National Automobile Union will discuss the most pressing and topical issues within the framework of the business program sessions.

As part of the Moscow International Automotive Forum IMAF 2023, which is held annually during the days of the exhibition, participants will analyze the issues of car production that have accumulated over the year, as well as discuss government support measures for the automotive industry.

MIMS Automobility Awards and Future Mobility

During a press conference, Anna Manvelova, together with partners, announced changes in projects launched in 2022.

The MIMS Automobility Awards, co-hosted by Gruzdev-Analyze, will be expanded and strengthened through a new partnership. As part of the main MIMS Automobility Awards, a special Auto Marketer of the Year award will be presented to identify and recognize the best companies and professionals in the field of automotive sales and service marketing. The co-founder of the special award will be the Avtomarketolog company.

As part of the announcement of the innovative section of the Future Mobility 2023 exhibition, Anna Manvelova gave the floor to Kirill Zhanaidarov, Director of the Transport Department of the Skolkovo Foundation. Together, the speakers spoke about the development of a special business program and an exposition dedicated to innovations in the automotive industry. Kirill Zhanaidarov noted the main trends in the development of the industry, including the growth of charging infrastructure as a business and the development of electric transport in Russia. The speaker assured that Future Mobility participants will present advanced products and solutions that meet international standards.

The speakers were supported by Nikolai Schmidt, Deputy General Director for Marketing and Commerce of FSUE NAMI, noting that the exhibition contains everything necessary for the functioning and development of the auto industry. Nikolai Schmidt confirmed that the uniqueness of the cooperation between NAMI and the MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition lies in the fact that this event is exactly the right place to promote all three of NAMI's key areas of activity: innovative developments, strategic planning in the automotive industry, and product testing and certification.

MIMS Automobility Show

Anna Manvelova pointed out that the field of after-sales service for cars is inextricably linked with the production of cars, passing the floor to the Executive Director of the Association of Automobile Manufacturers of Russia, Igor Alekseevich Korovkin.

Igor Alekseevich noted that during the period of global market and economic changes, the exhibition plays an important role in strengthening and developing domestic manufacturers of automobiles, components and spare parts, provides an opportunity to meet new suppliers and establish business contacts.

In continuation of the words of Igor Alekseevich, Anna Manvelova gave the floor to Olesya Kapranova, Executive Director of the Russian Association of Auto Dealers.

Olesya Kapranova announced a new joint project of MIMS Automobility Moscow and ROAD - MIMS Automobility Show. MIMS Automobility Show is a new car presentation format that provides an opportunity to showcase the latest in the automotive industry on its site for the maximum target audience. The MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition is the main platform where absolutely all participants in the automotive industry meet.

According to ROAD, this international car show is ideal for demonstrating new cars in Russia, namely, domestic and foreign manufacturers, and I pay special attention to the opportunity to present new brands to dealers themselves who are engaged in parallel imports in B2B format.

“For even more effective cooperation and significance, we want to announce that the ROAD 2023 Convention will be held in parallel with the MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition,” added Olesya Kapranova.

The organizers of the exhibition thanked all the participants of the press conference for their participation, and also invited them to visit the exhibition from August 21 to 24 at the Expocentre.


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