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21 August 2023

MIMS Automobility Awards

IEC «Expocentre», Москва

About the project

MIMS Automobility Awards – this is an independent professional award, which is presented within the framework of the exhibition of spare parts, auto components, equipment and goods for vehicle maintenance MIMS Automobility Moscow.

The general terms of the award are available at the link below.

Award nominations

4 categories of the best service stations

Person of Year in the auto business

Significant products and solutions in the industry

The best marketing strategy in the auto business
«Car services»


Network stations

Non-network stations

Dealer stations
Multi-brand station
The winner in the category “Best car service” was determined as part of an all-Russian study. All Russian service stations were invited to participate in the nomination without restrictions.

  • Any car service can be nominated or namite themselves
  • Chhosing the best service station using the Mystery Shopper method
«Person of Year»

The nomination is intended to recognize the merits of significant people in various areas of the auto business. The Grand Prix “Person of the Year” became the successor of the same name award of the company Gruzdev-Analyze.

  • Nominate your candidate for the award
  • Argue your choise
  • The jury determines the "Man of the Year" from the top 10 most popular candidates

  • «The best СТМ\PL»
  • «The best warranty policy»
  • «The best CRM for service station»
  • «The best website for service stations»
This category nominates products and solutions that are most useful for today's auto business, ensuring the efficient operation of various business processes

  • Submit an application to nominate your product or solution
  • The winner in two categories will be determined by a expert jury
«Automarketer of the year»
  • «Marketing in the direction of new car sales»
  • «Marketing in in parallel import»
  • «Marketing in the direction of used car  sales»
  • «Marketing in in the direction of electric cars»
  • «Service marketing: dealer service stations, independent non-network service stations, independent network service stations»
  • «Reputational Marketing»
  • «Grand Prix Marketer of the Year»
The special award is given as part of the international MIMS Automobility Moscow award, organized by ITEMF Expo and Gruzdev Analyze. This special award recognizes those companies and their marketers who have implemented successful and landmark projects for the automotive business.

  • Fill out an application at the link below
  • Argue your choise
  • The jury determines the "Man of the Year" from the top 10 most popular candidates

Jury MIMS Automobility Awards 2023
  • Elena Barakina
    Project Manager: Autocomponents and Special Equipment and Commercial Transport magazines, World Automotive Components Award
  • Artem Bovt
    Co-owner of FIT SERVICE franchise

  • Sergey Burgazliev
    Independent automotive and transportation consultant
  • Yuri Butsky
    Science journalist
    Associate Member of the Union of Car Services
  • Natalia Vaganova
    Owner and general director of the service station "Autoritet"
  • Anna Vorobyova
    Marketing Director, Sheremetyevo Group of Companies
  • Dmitry Danshov

    Founder and owner of the company "Mechanics", Vice-President of the International Association of Rebuilders WERC

  • Oksana Demchenko
    Independent car journalist

  • Pavel Klukin
    Manager of SMART Engineering Center
  • Vladimir Minenko
    EVERYCAR Network Development Manager, company GROUPAUTO RUS
  • Oleg Moseyev
    General director “Avtomarketolog”
  • Alexander Pakhomov

    Chairman of the Board of the Union of Car Services

  • Ivan Sokolov
    Chief editor of the portal "Kuzov"

  • Danil Solovyov
    Director and co-founder of the international network of car services FIT SERVICE
  • Barno Tursunova
    Co-founder of the "Wilgood" network of smart car services
  • Petr Shkumatov
    Manager of the ONF working group Protecting the Rights of Motorists, coordinator of the "Blue Buckets" movement

Winners of the MIMS Automobility Awards 2022

"People" 2022

Marketer of the Year
Ekaterina Gornaeva

Seller of the Year
Alexander Kucherov

Person of the year
Alexander Garankov
"The best product" 2022

Solution for promotion

Solutions for profitability
"The Best Car Service" 2022

The best network service station
Fit Service

The best independent service station
Best Service Saratov

The best dealership service station
Порше центр Perm.

Organizer contacts

Award organizers:

ITEMF Expo — an international company specializing in exhibitions for the automotive industry. ITEMF Expo is an organizer of leading b2b exhibitions and conferences for all sectors of the automotive industry, as well as commercial and passenger transport.

Gruzdev-Analyze — an international analytical company that conducts market research around the world.