Open coference platform
IEC "Expocentre", Moscow
August 21 – 24, 2022

AGORA 2022


The AGORA open conference platform brings together specialists and professionals in the field of service stations and garage equipment, analysts and experts in the auto components and spare parts market on its platform.

Over the course of 4 days, a series of master classes, open discussions, reports and presentations by leading industry experts will be held.

Who benefits from participating

After-sales car service CEO
Service station specialists and professionals
Garage equipment experts
Analysts of the auto components and spare parts market

Conference program AGORA

22.08, Monday

11.00 – 11.30

MIMS Automobility Moscow Opening Ceremony

11.40 – 12.30

Награждение победителей премии MIMS Automobility Awards

13.00 – 16.00

Plenary session:

New Reality - New Market - New Opportunities

Moderator: Alexey Volostnov, Partner, Engineering and Technology Practice, Strategy Partners


- Sergey Udalov, Analytical Agency "Autostat
The service and spare parts market: current situation, trends

- Sergey Burgazliev, Independent expert, Automotive & Transport Industry
Russian automotive industry: parking forever?

- Vitaly Kravets, General Director, GIPA Russia
New challenges of aftersales market: consumer behavior and development of sales channels

- Alexander Kuroptev, Head of spare parts department , Avito
Actual demand: what spare parts to import?

- Ilya Plisov, Deputy CEO, EuroAuto
What is the situation with parallel imports. Recent developments and projected dynamics. Impact on service stations. Latest changes and expected tendencies. How to adapt workshop operation to these changes.

- Ararat Mardoyan, Founder of AutoDegustator, co-founder of AutoDealer University
Real practice in parallel imports

- Thomas Rothe, Business Development Manager Automotive Industry, Noytech
The subtleties of logistics for the automotive industry in a volatile market.

- Alexey Klimovich Fedotov, Vice-President of RASPP and Head of Representative Office in PRC.
China. New logistics schemes, possible financial transactions, search and selection of new suppliers, quality control.

- Aleksey Berezovsky, Head of the Transport Committee of the Rostov Regional Branch of "OPORA RUSSIA", President of "Expert" Union
Stimulation of SME in the sphere of automotive components production

- Robert Li, CEO, Gerat Distribution
China - new opportunities

16.15 - 16.45

Signing agreements

23.08, Tuesday
Service Station Day. Challenges and opportunities for official and independent workshops in the new realities

11.00 – 13.00

Roundtable: Service without spare parts? How official dealers, network service stations and unofficial workshops can repair cars now.

In partnership with ROAD

Moderator: Andrei Tomyshev, Manager of B1 Automotive Practice


- Aleksey Podshchekoldin, ROAD Vice-President, Chairman of the Board of Directors, BN-Motors

- Oleg Moseev, Automarketolog
Where is service business of official dealers heading?

- Danil Soloviev, Head and co-founder of international network of car services FITSERVICE

- Denis Solodov, "AM-SERVICE" service station, member of Board of Autoservice Union
Lost in translation. Spare parts distributors and service stations. Global sanctions and local challenges.

- Nikolay Yankovsky, deputy chairman of association RASTO
The supply of spare parts cannot be called regular; for certain groups there is an increase in delivery time. Sometimes an overhaul of a popular engine turns into a quest for spare parts.

- Eugeny Vasilev, директор по методологии страхования, РСА

- Roman Timashev, Service director, Altufevo Carhouse

- Sergey Martsenyuk, deputy chairman of the Public Council for Taxi Development
Work of corporate taxi fleets. Challenges of fleet maintenance

13.30 – 15.30

Only changes are stable and unchangeable

In partnership with the Union of Car Service Companies

Moderator: Alexander Pakhomov

- Александр Пахомов, manager of Dilijance service stations in St. Petersburg, chairman of the board of Autoservice Union

- Ilya Plisov, Head of EuroAuto car service network in St. Petersburg, Autoservice Union Board member
- Pavel Geyko, owner of Autoservice Syktyvkar, CA board member

Where can service stations find answers to their questions? The Autoservice Union and sanctions.
What has been done in two years of activity? What remains relevant and what has been scrapped by sanctions and is now old history? What issues need to be resolved in the near future?

- Natalia Vaganova, Head of the Avtoritet service station in Yaroslavl, member of the Autoservice Board
- Ilya Nikolin, Head of the Reactor service station network in Omsk, Autoservice board member
Union in regions - together we are stronger!
Why is it important for the authorities to hear us where we live and work? How can this be achieved? What has worked and what has not in Yaroslavl, St Petersburg and Omsk? What experience has the Auto Service Union had?

- Denis Solodov, Head of "AM-service" in Novorossiysk, CA Board member
- Natalia Vaganova, Head of Avtoritet service station in Yaroslavl, SA Board member.
Problems of shrinkage. PTS and STS went into shadow?
Special tax regimes. What goals were pursued in their emergence? Why, ten years after their introduction, instead of a stimulus to development, they have become a brake on the economy? What was the fault of the imputed tax? Where is the line between small and big businesses? What should businesses do? What does the government want?

- Dmitry Danshov, owner of the Mechanika chain, Moscow, Autoservice board member, vice president of WERK, an international association of re-builders
- Dmitry Ladikainen, head of Reikanen, member of Autoservice Union.

So let our capabilities be in line with the desires of our customers!
Are remanufactured car components parts? What will they be importing? Why are rebuilders all over the world -subsidised companies of the "circular" economy, but in our country, they are not seen by the state? What does it take to make the green economy in the automotive sector work? And do we need it in the context of sanctions?

- Andrei Kovalev, businessman, public figure, chairman of the All-Russian Movement of Entrepreneurs.
Are sanctions a knockout for us or a boost towards bright future?
Why has the industry failed to produce bearings over the last 30 years, and will it cope now? What are the prospects for the emergence in our country of modern high-performance factories that will produce parts not only for KAMAZ, but also for cars around the world? What are the realities?

15.45 – 18.00

Automotive Aftermarket Human Resources. Modern secondary vocational education as a foundation for the future of the country.

In partnership with RASTO

Moderator: Olga Selezneva, Chairwoman of the association RASTO, General Director of TC "VOLIN".

Since 2019, the Association of Russian Automobile Dealers (ROAD) and the Regional Association of Technical Service Stations (RASTO) have organized and held more than two dozen joint events at the federal and regional level, which aim to develop the system for training young people in the automotive industry.
Thanks to the joint efforts of the two leading branch associations ROAD and ROSTO, the representatives from Moscow and Moscow region colleges have become the conscious choice of the young generation and a certain guarantee of a successful start in career.

- Olga Selezneva, Chairman of RASTO Association
Short-term training programme for car mechanics on the basis of the TMS training center

- Sergey Kozhukhov, Head of the ROAD ACADEMY, Deputy Chairman of the HR Committee of the ROAD Association, Head of the SPKA Committee for Professional Education in the Automotive Industry
ROAD Common Knowledge Base

- Veduta Vladimir Viktorovich, Director of Centre for Advanced Vocational Training, Moscow Region

- Irina Stanislavovna Tikhomirova, Deputy Director, My Career Moscow

- Lebedev Sergey, Deputy Director, College of Motor Transport (KAT9) Moscow
24.08, Wednesday
Marketing and Sales Day at Car Service Centers

10.30 — 12.00

Commercial vehicle service: how to hold on to the falling market?
In partnership with AutoBoss

Representatives of foreign brands will talk about:

  • The withdrawal of brands: how dealers adapted to the new reality
  • How they deal with warranty claims, commercial orders due to lack of spare parts
  • How they maintain customer confidence and encourage them to come to the dealership for service

- Adam Adamov - General Director, SHACMAN RU

- Dmitriy Drogovoz - Commercial Director, Techtrans.

- Alexey Kisheev - Sales and Marketing Director, East Wind

- Nikolay Muratov - Head of Service, SC ASC

Representatives of domestic brands will explain:

  • How they’ve solved the problem with lack of spare parts
  • How they’ve increase customer return on service
  • How they’ve increase order bookings and retain customer loyalty

- Andrey Akhromeshin - general director, Vista Group of Companies

- Denis Terentyev - Head of service centres, Coryb Group

- Dmitriy Shelomentsev - Director of Production Association, Luidor-Auto

The topic will be further developed on August 24th from 13:00 till 18:00 in the Seminar Hall № 4, pavilion 2 in the format of a closed meeting where our AutoBoss partners will conduct the "Master Class: Commercial Vehicles Service Marketing. How to attract and retain customers".

Sources of traffic, work with recording, distribution, analysis of traffic, segmentation of the customer base.

Registration link:

12. 30 - 14.30

Section: "Effective service station management in a new environment"

Is it realistic to increase the average bill with the current decline in the solvency of customers? How to use external constraints for the benefit of your business? Six priorities for the development of the workshop: a step-by-step implementation experience.

Hosts/ Moderators of the section:

- Vitaly Novikov, consultant on business processes and customer service. Has worked in car industry since 2004, held managerial positions in Saint Petersburg branches of DC "Gema", "Avtomir", "Sollers", manager of Nokian Tyres federal network in Russia and CIS, CEO of Bentley-Maserati Saint Petersburg.

- Pavel Klukin, Founder of SMART Engineering Centre - since 2012 the leading training and practice centre for car repair in the Russian Federation with 18,000 graduates. Project manager for the development of service stations.

The section will also include speeches from:

- Vladimir Minenko, Everycar Network Development Manager
Three mistakes of master consultants that cause workshops to lose profits (based on the results of phone calls to 300 service stations).

- Gennady Zadorozhny, director of the service station channel SINTEC Group
The new reality on the market of lubricants - new opportunities to increase profits for car repair shops.

15.00 - 18.00

"Attracting and retaining service station customers in the new reality"
In partnership with the Automarketolog project.

Moderator: Oleg Moseev, owner of Automarketolog project

Alexander Ernesaks, head of the website constructor
Website as an effective tool for workshop marketing

Konstantin Palfinov, business coach
Top 5 thinking mistakes a marketer should consider

Anastasia Kamyshnikova, PR-manager of Fresh Auto salons chain
New-format marketer

Dmitry Tretyakov, CEO Smartpoint
How reputation management helps to win customers from competitors.

Elena Stulova, business trainer
Effective tools for internet marketing

Svetlana Solovieva, HR-director Fit Service
How to find 150 car mechanics per month. Experience of Fit Service
25.08, Thursday
Future Mobility conference program

10.30 – 11.45

Session 1. New challenge for electric transport

  • Development of electric transport under sanctions - is there a market?
  • Import substitution: new challenges and reality.
  • The role of the government in the development of electric transport and charging infrastructure; what is the relevance of the adopted Concept?

Moderator - Kirill Zhanaydarov (Skolkovo Foundation)

1.1 Electric cars
Alexey Ledkov - MotorInvest (Evolute brand)
Ilya Rashkin - Electric Vehicles Manufacturing Rus (EVM)
Snezhana Trantina - SpetsAvtoEngineering (NEXT electro)
Dmitry Pronin - Moskvich (AZLK) (in agreement)
Andrei Tarshi — CMT

1.2 Charging stations
Alexey Nechaev - "Parus Electro" 

1.3 Regulators
Rustam Abulmambetov — Ministry of Economy of Russia (на согласовании)
Denis Stadnikov - Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
Alexandra Shumskaya - Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure of Moscow

1.4 Public organizations
Iya Gordeeva – AETI

12.00 – 13.15

Session 2. The city - the Trigger of New Mobility

  • Urban mobility today and tomorrow - infrastructure, kicksharing, transport on demand, carsharing, urban aero-mobility. Challenges and growth drivers under sanctions.
  • Are safety and kicksharing compatible? How are new technologies changing scooter rental?
  • Is on-demand transport a replacement for conventional public transport or a supplement? How is the new service performing in Moscow, and what are its development plans?
  • Is carsharing in stagnation? How to develop the fleet? Is the service expensive?
  • Are air taxis the Besson movies or tomorrow?

Moderator - Oksana Bondarenko (Moscow Transport Museum)

2.1 A look at transport in the city
Mikhail Blinkin - Director, Institute of Economics of Transport and Transport Policy, National Research University Higher School of Economics

2.2 Kicksharing
Dmitry Chuiko - WHOOSH
Denis Bondarev - ELEVEN

2.3 Transport on-demand
Daniyal Garifullin - Chelnok (transportation on-demand service)

2.4 "How about the sky?"
Alexander Atamanov - HOVER

13.30 – 15.00

Session 3. Robots at the wheel.Digital freight logistics

  • Is the sanctions period the end for drones?
  • A domestic open platform as a vital necessity for technological sovereignty and leadership?
  • B2C or B2B?
  • Government support: where is it?
  • M-11 project reality? What is the status?
  • Digital logistics today. Plans and objectives.

Moderator — Yuri Butenko (MosTransProject)

3.1 Suppliers
Dmitry Agafonov - SberAvtoTech (in agreement)
Vladislav Kozakov– EVOCARGO
Pavel Butov - Integrant
Dmitri Teterukov – Skoltech

3.2 Regulators
Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation (being approved)
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Dmitri Bakanov - Ministry of Transport

3.3 Бизнес
Suren Arakelyan - Russian Post (being approved)
Sergey Belyakov - OZON (being approved)

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