The future of electric vehicle sales

Many producers of electric vehicles have doubts and feel insecure. Elon Musk has launched an initiative aimed at reducing costs, optimizing costs and reducing headcount, and Ford plans to halve production of the F-150 Lighting electric pickup by 2024.

According to a study by S&P Global Mobility, every second American owner of an electric vehicle is ready to switch to internal combustion engines when replacing a car or buying a second one.

However, contrary to publications about a drop in demand for electric vehicles, analysis of BloombergHyperdrive data does not confirm this. Sales of passenger electric vehicles this year will approach 14 million (36% higher than in 2022). In the US, where concerns about demand are greatest, sales growth is even higher - by 50%.

An annual survey conducted by BloombergNEF among companies involved in the creation of electric vehicles and metal producers revealed a trend towards further price reductions due to lower raw material costs, which is why electric vehicles will not become more expensive in the near future.