Xiaomi presented its first electric car - SU7

Xiaomi Corporation introduced its first electric car and plans to become the world's leading car producer within 15-20 years, competing with Tesla and Porsche.

The SU7 (Speed Ultra) electric car is expected to go on sale in February 2024. It will be powered by batteries from Chinese market leaders Contemporary Amperex Technology and BYD, depending on single or dual motor configurations. The SU7 will be produced in two versions: one with a 73.6 kW/h battery and an engine power of 299 lp. s., the second - 101 kW/h and 374 lp.s. The maximum speed of the models is 210 km/h and 265 km/h. On one charge, the electric car can drive up to 800 km.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun made a $10 billion bet that the company could revolutionize the automotive sector the same way it did with smartphones a decade ago. The top manager called this project his latest entrepreneurial bet. “Xiaomi’s goal is to create a dream car as good as Porsche and Tesla,” sad Lei Jun during the presentation.