MIMS Automobility Moscow video interview

Why are there more and more participants in MIMS Automobility Moscow every year?

In 2023, 1,585 companies took part in the MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition. Surveys of participants showed that more than 84% of exhibitors are satisfied with the economic effect of participation in the exhibition. Every year, the event provides participants with the opportunity to strengthen their position in the car service market and improve their own financial performance.

A busy four-day business program allowed participants to make presentations on current market issues and make new business contacts. The opportunity to communicate with industry representatives at the exhibition became the foundation for creating strategic partnerships and concluding new deals. Thanks to the opportunities of participation in the exhibition, the number of exhibitors is increasing every year.

We invite you to watch a video interview in which Rafael Kondrakhmanov, General Director of the VATAN holding, will talk about the reasons for participating in MIMS Automobility Moscow 2023.

Video is available in our telegram-channel.