MIMS Automobility Show

In 2023, MIMS Automobility Show became the only platform in Russia that brought together dealers and car manufacturers. At the new section of the MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition, exhibitors presented to the public new car models available for purchase on the Russian market.

Thanks to its launch at the MIMS Automobility Moscow exhibition, the project attracted the interest of the professional business community at the very start. In 2023, 13 companies took part in the Motor Show, demonstrating 26 new automotive products.

From 2024, the project will be called the Russian International Automobility Show and will be held as a separate large-scale event. The RIAS car showroom will allow dealers and manufacturers to attract more attention from potential buyers to their model range. Visitors, in turn, will be able to get all the necessary information and choose a car to suit their needs.

Video from MIMS Automobility Show is available in our telegram-channel.