Tesla has begun transitioning Autopilot to self-learning AI

A test version of the FSD v12 software for Tesla has already become available to company employees, which brings an important innovation – the control of the car is almost completely entrusted to neural networks.

Until now, real people were responsible for recognizing certain objects when training Tesla artificial intelligence systems; they also hard-coded the algorithms for the car’s behavior in certain situations, but now, as Electrek explains, the FSD v12 update should bring a key change. Neural networks will take over the control of the brand’s electric vehicles when on-board driver assistance systems are active. They will learn image recognition through a set of on-board cameras themselves, make decisions, relying on accumulated experience and an extensive database.

Elon Musk confirmed this week from his social network that the FSD v12 update has begun rolling out to Tesla employees for extensive testing. The next step, based on current experience, should be to distribute the update to regular Tesla customers who are participating in the beta testing program.